Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers are costly and hazardous units. When failure occurs, loss of life and expensive downtime often result. The design and checking of these vessels is therefore a responsible and time-consuming task.

Now, the latest techniques of software engineering have been harnessed to make OptiVessel the most user-friendly and safe package of its kind promoting timesavings of up to 90% in the design phase.

For designers and inspection authorities the risk of costly and dangerous errors is substantially reduced. For fabricators OptiVessel offers the chance to minimise the cost of manufacture without compromising safety. Savings of 25-40% are not unusual. For production engineers the application offers the option to monitor outside designs, and to evaluate the safety of existing vessels effortlessly.

All necessary tables and charts have been included and all interpolated data is calculated by true curve fitting, eliminating costly conservatism and errors of estimation.

Key features of the OptiVessel software are:

– Design and rating of entire vessels or individual components only

– ASME VIII, BS 5500, PD 5500, TEMA and ADR standards

– API620, API650, BS2654 and EN14015 storage tank standards

– Multiple component calculations with detailed drawings in a single project

– Extensible materials database

– Explorer-style user interface

– Integrated project previewing and printing

– QuickConvert and interpolation calculation

To download a trial version of the OptiVessel software, visit the download page.