Beyond the calculation to the design codes, OptiVessel acts as an Expert System.   It offers problem detection and geometric evaluations.   It will even check whether enough space has been allowed for spanners on bolt heads.  It offers advice on many day-to-day problems. Use of the program allows the designer to increase his understanding of how the many variables interact, and so rapidly to develop his expertise.

In addition, OptiVessel offers many features for the experienced user, such as:-


–  Conversion from Imperial to Metric values and automatic insertion of values into correct fields.

–  Interpolation between values, with automatic insertion.

–  Storage and retrieval of data for later use, easily and without fuss.

–  Context Sensitive Online Help.

–  Visual display for Combo Box (multiple choice).

–  Exporting projects as txt, the txt also contains Table of Content including file names and project comments. Projects can also be exported to MS Word format.

–  A project management system, allowing the user to keep track of all activities on a project.

–  Adjustment of Windows Display to the user’s preference.

–  An option for adding own material data.