Easy to use

Despite the sophisticated nature of the program, OptiVessel is exceptionally easy to use. Many present users with no prior computer experience have become expert within hours of use.


The system has a major enhancement regarding user interface, file handling as well as project manipulation.

It is interactive, and includes detailed data validation processes. The results are analysed in comparison with design requirements and commentary is provided.


OptiVessel has an extensive context- sensitive online Help. In addition, drawings are displayed on screen to give a pictorial representation of the design.


The professional appearance of the final report printed in OptiVessel consists of tailor made headings, table of contents and project details, attractive and suitable for clients.


covers the most commonly used codes of practice;

ASME VIII, BS 5500 / PD 5500 for pressure vessels, TEMA for Heat Exchangers, ADR for containers and API 620, API 650 & BS 2654 for storage tanks.


All  necessary  Tables,  Charts  and  Graphs  are  included  eliminating  repeated  and  tedious reference to the standard.   All interpolated data is calculated by true curve fitting, eliminating costly conservatism and errors of estimation.   For the majority of designs, the designer need never leave the computer to complete the design.

Whenever the design codes or standard values are modified, the OptiVessel  team updates the program, so the calculations are always current.

The extensive cross-referencing required by these codes is undertaken automatically, and all possible contradictions are identified.  The system will not allow the output of a design until it is checked and safe.  Where errors in input are detected, the user will be told clearly what the error is, and indications are given on corrections.