Design Team

OptiVessel has been written over 20 years by an integrated team of experienced programmers, designers and Quality Assurance experts, in conjunction with many large industry users.  The team is headed by David Shklaz, who has 20 years experience in the field of Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger design.  His qualifications include a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, and a MSc  in  Computer  Science.    He  is  a  professional  engineer,  and  has  headed  the  design department for an internationally recognised consultancy and inspection authority.   He is presently a consultant in this field.

The team has extensive experience in projects in the Petrochemical, Power Supply, Food & Beverage and Mining industries.


Present Users:

OptiVessel is established and used extensively by:-

–   Pressure Vessel manufacturers

–   Professional design engineers

–   Petrochemical companies

–   Brewers and distillers

–   Power Supply utilities

–   Mining Industry

–   Food & Beverage industries

–   Authorized Inspection Authorities