About OptiVessel

OptiVessel is a set of computer programs for the design, checking and optimisation of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, and Storage Tanks.  It cuts on calculation time, and the need to refer to tables and graphs in the codes.  It is user friendly with online graphics and Help, and can be operated almost immediately by persons with little or no computer experience.  The software is extremely comprehensive and inexperienced users can now design with confidence.

OptiVessel frees the experienced designer from the tedium of recalculation and endless reference to codes of practice.  This allows him to use his experience where it is most effective : producing more cost-effective and safer solutions.

OptiVessel checks all cross references and detects possible errors of design.   The software enables changes in the design data and recalculates without the need to re-enter data, which remains unaltered.   The system enables the design of new equipment as well as verifying existing equipment.