OptiVessel Package

OptiVessel allows you to design the following codes:

ASME VIII Div 1                                         Pressure Vessels

BS 5500 / PD 5500                                   Specification for unfired fusion welded Pressure Vessels.

TEMA                                                          Heat Exchangers

ADR                                                             Containers


The full system includes the following modules:

Vessels under Internal Pressure

– Cylindrical shell or nozzle Sphere or hemispherical head Ellipsoidal head

– Torispherical head

– Cone & conical section


Vessels under External Pressure:

– Shell without stiffening rings Shell without stiffening rings Shell with stiffening rings

– Ellipsoidal, Spherical and Torispherical Conical without stiffening rings Reinforcement cone to cylinder junction


Openings, Nozzles & Reinforcing of Openings:

– Shell

– Ellipsoidal

– Torispherical and spherical

– Flat Cover


Flanges Full face type flange:

– Loose type flange

– Integral type flange

– Integral Flat heads, large circ nozzle Integral with mating flange & rib Metal to Metal Flanges


Vessel Support Saddles:

– Shell with no stiffener rings

– Shell with rings in plane

– Shell with external rings

– Shell with internal rings

– Ring support for shell structures


Heat Exchanger design:

– Fixed Tubesheet Unsupported Tubesheet Supported stationary & floating Supported U Tubesheet

– Flange extension fixed & floating

– Flat Channel Cover


Floating Head design:

– Split backing flange

– Split ring


Vessel Volume & Mass Material Miscellaneous Modules:

– Data Base

– Non Circular Vessels Non Circular Covers Vertical Vessel Design Vertical Vessel Support Local Loads

– Field & Shop Test

– M.A.W.P. & Membrane Stresses

– Saddles ZICK Analysis

– Header Box with removable cover

– Plug Box

– AD-Merkblatt (Dished-ends) ANSI B31.3 (Openings) ADR