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OptiVessel Package

OptiVessel allows you to design the following codes: ASME VIII Div 1                                         Pressure Vessels BS 5500 / PD 5500                                   Specification for unfired fusion welded Pressure Vessels. TEMA                                                          Heat Exchangers ADR                                                             Containers   The full system includes the following modules:

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Easy to use

Despite the sophisticated nature of the program, OptiVessel is exceptionally easy to use. Many present users with no prior computer experience have become expert within hours of use.   The system has a major enhancement regarding user interface, file handling as well as project manipulation. It is interactive, and includes detailed data validation processes. The

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What is OptiVessel?

OptiVessel is a set of computer programs for the design, checking and optimisation of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, and Storage Tanks.  It cuts on calculation time, and the need to refer to tables and graphs in the codes.  It is user friendly with online graphics and Help, and can be operated almost immediately by persons

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OptiTank Package

API 620                                                       Low Pressure Storage Tanks API 650                                                       Welded Steel Tanks for oil storage BS 2654                                                      Steel Welded Storage Tanks EN 14015                                                   Welded Steel Tanks Miscellaneous Modules                           Weight, Wind, Seismic & Anchorage    


Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers areCOSTLY and hazardous units. When failure occurs, loss of life and expensive downtime often result. The design and checking of these vessels is therefore a responsible and time-consuming task. Now, the latest techniques ofSOFTWARE ENGINEERING have been harnessed to make OptiVessel the most user-friendly and safe package of its kind

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Design Team

OptiVessel has been written over 20 years by an integrated team of experienced programmers, designers and Quality Assurance experts, in conjunction with many large industry users.  The team is headed by David Shklaz, who has 20 years experience in the field of Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger design.  His qualifications include a BSc in Mechanical

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Beyond the calculation to the design codes, OptiVessel acts as an Expert System.   It offers problem detection and geometric evaluations.   It will even check whether enough space has been allowed for spanners on bolt heads.  It offers advice on many day-to-day problems. Use of the program allows the designer to increase his understanding of how

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